Using the Site


· Specify the guide type and the date you require a guide, the guide's specialty, etc. Guides matching your preferences will then be listed.



· The guide’s personal page will displays their profile and guide availability calendar.






〇: Guide available - please apply your request to the guide.
even if an available date is shown for a guide, your request may still not be accepted, depending on the guide contents and order of reservations.
△: Inquiry required - your request may be accepted, depending on the guide contents. please apply your request to the guide.
✕: Guide not available - please search for another guide as your request cannot be accepted.

・You can submit an inquiry from "book" on the personal page of the guide you wish to request.

・Please complete the inquiry form with the date when you require a guide, the number of people, your name and requests before clicking "Send." As a general rule, you will receive a reply from the guide within 48 hours.


- Since this website provides only an "inquiry" service to the guide from guests, and provides guide’s information to guests, there is no guarantee that your request will be met. For details, please refer to the "Kanazawa City Guide-Interpreter Search System Terms of Use."

- To confirm acceptance/rejection of your request and guide fees, please communicate directly with the guide after you have received a reply to your inquiry. Please note that Kanazawa City Tourism Association will not be held responsible for communications with the guide after your inquiry.

- After your inquiry has been successfully sent, you will receive an automatic reply to the email address notified to us.